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The Well Stocked Kitchen

The Well Stocked KitchenEvery cook dreams of having a kitchen like the one you see on TV, with a rack filled with shiny kitchen items of all shapes and sizes. While this dream may not be entirely realistic, it is possible to have a fully equipped kitchen that will fulfill all your culinary desires. Before you run out and buy a set of pots and pans, find out the types of cookware that best suit your needs. Use this helpful checklist to see what your kitchen is missing.

Skillets: A skillet is simply a type of long-handled, low-sided pan, commonly known as a frying pan. inches). Cookbooks often recommend certain pan sizes, so it’s important to know the measurements of each. Occasionally, you will have a recipe that requires you to place the pan in the oven, so it’s important to buy a pan with a handle that can withstand the heat of cooking. You can also purchase pans with removable handles.

Pots: Pots come in three sizes (1, 2, and 3 quarts) and you should have several in each style to heat soup and make sauces. The pan has a long handle and a tight-fitting lid.
Dutch Oven or Kettle: A Dutch oven or kettle is a large, heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Unlike a skillet, these pans do not have long handles; instead they have two handles that fit snugly along the edge on opposite sides. Dutch ovens are great for soups, stews and braised meats. The kettle is useful when you’re cooking a large stew or a large pot of soup, or if you prefer home canning.

Vegetable steamer: A vegetable steamer is a basket with a hole perforated to hold food through boiling water in a pan for steaming, not boiling. They are available as collapsible units or sturdy baskets.
Bain-marie: A double grill consisting of two pans that do the job of one pan. When using a double grill, simply place one on top of the other. The water in the lower pan boils gently to cook or melt the contents in the upper pan. It is a great kitchen tool for preparing delicate sauces or melted candies for chocolate making.

Griddles: The griddle is a flat, rimless pan that turns the burner on your stovetop into a smooth surface for making things like pancakes and crepes. The borderless design also makes it easy to flip the pancakes.

Omelet Pans: An omelet pan with specially angled edges that help shape your egg into the correct shape. This pan also has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to fold and slide the omelette straight from the pan onto the plate

Grill Pans: A grill pan is a special pan with deep grooves that drains the fat from the food. The ridges also add lines to the food you’re cooking and make it look like it’s being grilled. A grill pan is also available in the form of a flat and non-stick pan.

Wok: A wok is a pan with deep, sloping sides that hold the food pieces in the pan while stirring. They are available with round or flat bottoms and sometimes in electric versions.

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