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Planning Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Planning Kitchen Cabinet Refacing. When homeowners decide to update the look of their home, many start with the kitchen. New cabinets are a big expense and can easily eat into your budget. Remodeling kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative to an entire kitchen remodel. Home renovations are expensive, so why spend more than necessary? If your cabinets are in good condition, reinstallation is a possible solution.Planning Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Refacing saves time and money. The project can be completed in less than half the time it takes to completely remove and replace all of your cabinets. You won’t have to live long with a tattered kitchen. In most cases, the job can be completed in a week or less. Homeowners with carpentry skills can do this work themselves, but others should have professional installations.

Perfect Planning
Once you’ve changed your cabinets, it’s a good time to change up your kitchen. Create an overall design for the room. Consider what you want to add to your kitchen. This is the perfect time to ditch the cabinets and add a dishwasher. Kitchen islands are often added as part of a remodeling project. Your new island can be ordered to fit your cabinet.

Consider adding decorative elements to the room, such as fancy ornaments or wooden frills. To redecorate an entire room, you can do paint projects and remodel furniture at the same time. To avoid splashing paint on your new cabinets, finish all paint before you begin your resurfacing project.

It’s time to replace the appliances in the kitchen. If you’ve ever wanted a built-in microwave, it can easily be installed during an upgrade. Countertops are often replaced when redoing cabinets. Choose countertops and appliances that match the look and feel of the room you’re trying to create. If you need a new sink, now is the time to install it.

Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing: Process
The most important step in the process is choosing a reputable company for the job. Ask for references and contact people. Make sure the company has the necessary permits and insurance for the work they will be doing.

Most companies offer free quotes. A designer will come to your home and measure the kitchen. You will see options for cabinet doors and drawers. The designer will ask questions to determine what you want and make suggestions. A wide range of materials and colors are available to match your home and give you the look you want.

Once you have accepted the quote, the company will order the doors and drawers for your kitchen. Once the materials arrive, the installation can be done in a few days. Your life is undisturbed as long as the existing cabinets are completely removed.

Doors and drawers are removed from the frame. The sides and parts of the frame visible around the door will be reworked with the same material as the new door. At this point, the frames are checked to make sure they are flat and any worn parts are replaced. For example, sticky slips in this drawer will be replaced by new ones.

New doors and drawer fronts installed. New hinges will be placed on all cabinet doors. You can choose new hardware, door handles and drawers. This gives the piece a complete, customized look. You may decide to match the hardware with the finish of the sink or faucet.

Materials Used for Resurfacing

Most people like to pair new cabinets with existing furniture in their home. Three basic materials are used for reworking: wood, veneers and laminates. Wood, especially custom varieties, is the most expensive. If the cost is low, you will find laminates on the market that look like expensive wood for much less.

If you hate your kitchen set, you can choose something else and replace the table. This can be done at the time of the renovation or later. Just decide what you ultimately want to make sure your new cabinets will match the decor of your home, now and in the future.

If you like to change up your decor frequently, consider a neutral color scheme for cabinets that will match a variety of furniture styles and colors.
The most common materials used for resurfacing include custom lumber, furniture grade wood, such as maple or oak, veneers and laminates.

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