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Perfect-SousVide 3PL1 12 qt.(3 gal.)

perfect-sousvide-3pl1-12-qt3-gal-photo-03 Perfect-SousVide 3PL1 12 qt.(3 gal.)Title : Perfect-SousVide 3PL1 12 qt.(3 gal.) Polycarbonate Pan with Custom Lid for Circulator Sous Vide
Description : Perfect SousVide’s clear polycarbonate pans and fitted lids are the perfect combination for home use with Sous Vide immersion circulators. The lid is customized to fit most popular brands of circulators (listed in key features). Comes with a twin-wall reflective insulating sheet for top or bottom. 3 Gal capacity, 12″ x 10.5″ x 8″ deep, NSF and FDA certified resin, withstands boiling water and is dishwasher safe. About us: Perfect-Sousvide is based in South Carolina and is a leading supplier of polycarbonate pan, lid and rack packages designed for sous vide immersion circulators.
Features :

  • Save money by buying pan and lid package together! 3 Gal crystal-clear polycarbonate pan let’s you see and position pouches; Withstands boiling-water temperature, is NSF and dishwasher safe. Pan is 12″ x 10.5″ x 8″ deep to accommodat large capacity circulators.
  • Clear polycarbonate lid has routed notch that will accommodate most commercial circulators 3.2″ dia. or less including Aicok, Anova, Avalon Bay, Azrsty, BlinBling, Chefelix, Chefsteps Joule, Gourmea, Gramercy, Hompo, Instant Pot, Kaloric,, Kitchen Gizmo, Magicelec, Monoprice, My Sous Vide, Nutrichef, Nokimu Classic, Primo Eats, Sansaire, Souvia, VaVa and Wancle circulators.
  • Notched cover allows removal without moving circulator; helps retain heat and water vapor
  • Comes with twin-layer reflective insulation sheet that can be used underneath pan or trimmed to fit your circulator to use on top of lid.
  • Note: Our SVE rack (available seperately) and circulator are shown for reference only.

perfect-sousvide-3pl1-12-qt3-gal-image-1 Perfect-SousVide 3PL1 12 qt.(3 gal.) perfect-sousvide-3pl1-12-qt3-gal-picture-2 Perfect-SousVide 3PL1 12 qt.(3 gal.)

Brand: Perfect SousVide
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