Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen Organization IdeasKitchen Organization Ideas. Go through your kitchen and throw away anything you don’t use as well as any food, spices, or medications stored in the kitchen that are past their use-by date. Then, take everything out of your cabinets and drawers and wash the inside with warm soapy water. Wash, dry, and replace cabinet and drawer liners with new, new ones.

Store pots, pans and cooking utensils near the stove, pots and pans to save space. Make sure that each one you choose to keep has a matching cap. Keep silverware and dishes near your dining area or dishwasher to shorten the time it takes to prepare or clean up meals. Plastic containers should be inventoryed to ensure that each has a proper lid and that they are not cracked or otherwise damaged. Store them near the refrigerator to make meal cleanup time easier.

Arrange your spices alphabetically and store them by the stove on a spice rack or in a nearby cabinet on a rotating rack. Store the foods you use every day where you can easily get to them when you need them. Organize your pantry so that similar canned foods are in one place and can be easily found when it’s time to cook.

Make sure your child has easy access to items they use frequently, and make sure items like knives, scissors, and household chemicals are out of reach and stored in locked cabinets. Use an airtight storage container to extend the shelf life of your food.

If you have small appliances on your counter that you don’t use often, remove them and store them in a nearby cupboard or pantry. Table top storage for frequently used devices keeps them uncluttered and helps reduce countertop clutter.

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