What is your ideal kitchen?


It’s a mistake to think that any room, no matter how small or awkwardly located, is “good enough” for a kitchen. This is the room where the housekeeper spends a lot of time and has to be one of the brightest and most comfortable rooms in the house. After all, no sector has more influence on the health and well-being of families than the people involved in this ‘housekeeping workshop’.ideal kitchen

All kitchens should have windows on both sides of the room through which the sun should enter freely. Light and fresh air are the most important prerequisites for success in all areas of the home, so windows must be able to open upwards to allow a perfect exchange of air. Drainage is good, and it is necessary to pay more attention to ventilation in the kitchen than in the bedroom.

Kitchen ventilation should be such that it completely eliminates all gases and odors which, together with steam from cooking and other cooking activities, enter all other parts of the house and make them somewhat unhealthy.

It should have enough space for a table, chairs, stove, sink and cupboards, but not so large that too many steps are required. Indeed, much of the often-deplorable “housework” loathing and neglect stems from an uncomfortable environment.A bright, airy and tidy kitchen, with bright and clean utensils, brightens the dining table and makes it more appetizing. It makes the work of preparing food fun.

From a hygienic point of view, kitchen floors should be impervious to moisture. Therefore, concrete or tile floors are better than wooden floors. Cleanliness is a major requirement and this can best be achieved by coating all woodwork in and around the kitchen with a polish. Substances that cause stains and grease stains do not penetrate the wood during sanding and can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

An element of beauty is essential in the kitchen. Images and decorations are inappropriate. Place a few pots of easy-to-grow flowers on a window sill or a peg by the window in the winter, and arrange the flower box as a jardiniere with vines and flowers in the summer to brighten up the room. She illuminates the work of those who confine her daily work to the district of the kitchen.

Kitchen furniture.
Kitchen furniture should be unwieldy and should be constructed and arranged in such a way that it is easy to clean. Many cabinets are needed, each dedicated to a specific purpose for order. A closet with sliding doors is clearly better than a wardrobe. Use casters for easy movement. Not only is this more convenient, but it allows for a more thorough cleaning.

food storage should be well ventilated. Otherwise, favorable conditions are provided for the development of mold and bacteria. The movable cabinets are ventilated through top openings and doors and are covered with a very fine wire mesh that lets air in while repelling flies and dust.

For normal kitchen use, a small table of appropriate height with smooth-running castors and zinc plates is most convenient and easy to clean. It’s good that you don’t need a withdrawal. Drawers tend to be receptacles for different types of trash. If you need a convenient place to store frequently used items, you can easily make arrangements similar to the one shown in the attached section.

It is also beneficial to place small shelves around and above the stove to store various items needed for cooking. One of his must-have furniture in the
well-equipped kitchen is the sink. However, the sink should be properly constructed and well maintained. Failure to do so may cause serious health hazards for the occupants of the home.

Where possible, wash basins should be inconspicuous from the wall and freely accessible from all sides to maintain cleanliness. Pipes and fittings should be selected and placed by a competent plumber. Great effort should be made to keep pipes clean and well sanitized.

All kinds of waste should be kept away. Careless or careless housekeepers often dump greasy water and leftover table crumbs down the plumbing. Drains usually have bends or traps through which sediment-free water flows freely.

However, the melted fat that enters the pipes is often mixed with the hot water, and as it descends it cools and solidifies, sticking to the pipes and gradually accumulating until the drain is clogged or the water flows very slowly. Lined pipes are breeding grounds for pathogens.

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