Well Tile Recycle Sticker Trash picture 002

Well Tile Recycle Sticker Trash picture 002
Large 4in X 4in Recycle Sticker Trash Bin Label Compost Sign Decal 9 Pack
(3 Blue Recycle Logo, 3 Black Trash & 3 Green Compost)
Oragnize your trash, recycle and food waste at the office, work, home, and school on multiple bins and containers with plenty of stickers.

STRONG ADHESIVE:You can use these large recycle trash compost adhesive labels anywhere! They are stick well on metal or plastic trash cans, stainless steel waste bins, glass windows, cardboard boxes, disposal collection trucks, rubbish pail, dumpster walls, etc

WATERPROOF:Waterproof recycle trash sign – Indoor & Outdoor – Great for Home Kitchen Store or Office on metal or plastic trash cans – Long lasting,non-fading colors.

DURABLE:These recycle Sticker trash bin labels – Made with the highest grade, UV-Resistant, Waterproof , gloss laminate Sticker for Outdoor and Indoor.
Perfect non magnet housewarming gift, mothers day gift, fathers day gift, birthday gift, gift for teacher, thank you gift, kitchen necessity, home garden essentials, etc!