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Silky Road Recycling Bin with


silky-road-recycling-bin-with-image-01 Silky Road Recycling Bin withTitle : Silky Road Recycling Bin with Lid in Retro Baby Blue Galvanized Stainless Steel – 6.5-Gallon / 24.5-Liter – Rugged Indoor Trash Can – Unique Kitchen Wastebasket – Home Recycle Container
Description : Reminiscent of old-timey Americana art deco, this true future vintage will brighten the atmosphere of any room.

Function and Beauty!

You want to save the planet, but those bulky plastic (plastic! hello?!) recycling bins on the market today are just such an eyesore!
At Silky Road, we knew there had to be a solution!
I have this recycling bin in my kitchen and it puts a smile on my face when I see it every morning.
When friends come over, they always ask about it!
Its beauty really stands out.
I am very proud to offer this beautiful recycling bin

Top diameter: 12.5″-inches
Base diameter: 10″-inches
Height: 15.5″-inches
Height with Lid: 17.50″-inches

There is no reason something as simple as recycling should be such an unsightly problem in the kitchen.
Bring vibrant energy and positive attention to your kitchen with this one-of-a-kind recycling container.

You should buy this recycling bin now because:

– It’s gorgeous
– Sturdy construction
– Perfect size
– Convenient handles
– Money back guarantee

So, no need to wait a moment longer. Go to the top of this page and press the “Buy it Now” now.
Features :

  • BEAUTIFUL BABY BLUE RECYCLE BIN: The unique, gorgeous aesthetic of this recycle canister makes it much more than a functional disposal solution: It also brightens the atmosphere of any room! It will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. No more of those clunky, unsightly plastic recycling bins being an eyesore in your kitchen. This vintage-style canister will fit into any color scheme or decor in your home or office: it will be noticed by guests, friends and family. Guaranteed!
  • PERFECT SIZE – FITS 8-GALLON AND 13-GALLON TRASH BAGS: This recycle bin is not too big as to take up a lot of room in your kitchen, but it fits quite a bunch of cans, bottles, paper or trash. With the attached handles, the size makes it convenient to transport and empty into large recycling center! If you’d like to eliminate the need to clean – and make emptying easier – just pop a 8 or 13-gallon garbage bag in there! This item is really a marvel of beauty and ingenuity! It’s JUST RIGHT!!!
  • STURDY, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Don’t let the gentle, eye-pleasing color fool you: This item is a beast! Heavy duty construction means it’ll last a lifetime – and get BETTER with age! A true future-vintage.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Sturdy handles on both the side of bin – as well as on the lid, make it easy to move around and easy to uncover in order throw those empty cans and bottles into the bin. The construction and color of this container is reminiscent of old gas-station vintage deco. If it gets dented or chipped, it will only look even better over time. It’s a real beauty! There is no other recycling bins like it.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Silky Road: “Intelligently Curated – Meticulously Crafted”. We take pride in creating unique yet functional household essentials that WILL impress! However, if for ANY reason this item is not for you, no problem at all: You get your money back. No harm, no foul, no questions asked. So, there’s no risk to you at all! How does that sound? Deal? Great! So, give it a try! Go to the top of this page and press the “Buy it Now” button right away!

silky-road-recycling-bin-with-image-01 Silky Road Recycling Bin with
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