Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Floors


After looking up hundreds of interior design magazines, it’s easy to get excited about buying kitchen flooring, but it’s not advisable to choose materials based solely on appearance. After narrowing down some of your options to your favorites, go to a flooring store or hardware store to test drive.

Most of the kitchen work remains standing, so it’s wise to look for something that gently stretches your legs. When you go shopping, take off your shoes and stand on the floor of your stockings to see how it feels.Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Floors

Is the floor comfortable or is your foot too stiff?

Put on your shoes and go for a walk, the sound of the floor in terms of noise level. Today’s kitchens are more open than ever, leading to a study or a large room. The sound of

shoes can cause problems when others are talking or watching TV.

Also, keep in mind that the kitchen is usually the busiest place in the house. I want a floor that you often wear.

With the kids and the animals it doesn`t take long to wear the floor down, not to mention all the foot traffic and spills.Durability is important in today`s full families and ease of maintenance should be taken into consideration too.

These are different floorings to be considered:

Wood fits a variety of decor styles and is warm underfoot, easy on the legs and is basically a quiet floor option.The maintenance and durability of a wood floor depend greatly on what species of wood is being used and how that wood is finished.One of the worries with wood is that it may be scratched, but wood floors can always be sanded and refinished.

For homeowners who want an exceptionally durable floor and requires little maintenance, laminate is a great option.Laminate is factory-finished and can be easily installed over an existing floor making installation a breeze.While laminate has its advantages, it lacks the warmth and character typically associated with natural wood and some may find it noisy.

Ceramic tile allows for a great deal of customization in terms of colors and patterns.Tiles can be easily cleaned with a damp mop, but the surrounding grout can be difficult to maintain and clean. Ceramic tiles can make the legs very stiff. Of course, the dropped plate can get quite cold at your feet. If you have a limited budget,

vinyl or peel and stick tiles are the best choice. Vinyl is easy to install and comes in an infinite number of colors and patterns. One of the drawbacks of vinyl flooring is that the edges can curl and peel off.

The linoleum floor has been revived with its green charm. Made of

flaxseed oil, cork flour, wood flour, sap, ground limestone and pigments, this kitchen floor is environmentally friendly.

There are other eco-friendly green options. Friendly, but of course each flooring has its strengths and weaknesses. The

key is to follow your own kitchen floor ideas, and in the long run your floor will reflect your tastes and fit your lifestyle.

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