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Heavy Duty Silicone Bar Service

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heavy-duty-silicone-bar-service-picture-008 Heavy Duty Silicone Bar ServiceTitle : Heavy Duty Silicone Bar Service Mat: (18″ x 12″) Food safe, Commercial Strength Bar & Restaurant Service Mat
Description :

Heavy Duty Silicone Bar Mat

Created by a career bartender, these mats are crafted to solve all of the problems he saw with standard rubber mats. Made from extra thick and durable silicone, these mats will not curl, warp or crack – causing drinks to tip over and slip. This mat is the ideal bar work surface.

Silicone: Ideal for Bar Mats

There are many reasons why Silicone is an ideal material for bar mats. It’s safe for food contact, low in odor, and durable enough for daily commercial dishwashing without curling or warping. This mat is extra-thick, providing additional capacity for spills and liquid. Meanwhile the borders and tines are thick and strong, so your glass will sit flat while you work.

Stay Safe: Food-safe

Not all materials are safe for food contact. While it’s not common for bar mats to touch food, it could easily happen in a busy bar:
– A lime wedge is momentarily placed on the mat while the bartender gets a glass
– A knife is sitting on the mat, then picked up to cut garnish
– A glass is placed upside down due to distraction or inattention
With a mat that’s made from food-safe materials, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals coming in contact with your customers’ drinks.

Size is 30 x 45 x 1.25 cm, or approximately 12″ x 18″ x 1/2″

Features :

  • FOOD SAFE: Unlike many bar mats, these are made with food-safe Silicone, making them completely safe to touch food like garnishes, or items that come in contact with food like knives or jiggers.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Designed for the high-volume bar, these mats are made from thick, durable silicone. They will not not warp, curl, crack or bubble and are commercial dishwasher safe.
  • BARTENDER’S CHOICE: Custom created by a career bartender, these non-slip mats are completely flat and feature extra thick tines and border to provide a steady work surface for your bar.
  • VERSATILE: Beefy enough for the busiest bar but durable and flexible enough for home use. These mats make great home bar mats and also work perfectly as a dish drying tray for the kitchen.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Backed by money-back guarantee, this heavy-duty, food-safe mat will last years. Always ships from the USA!

heavy-duty-silicone-bar-service-image-01 Heavy Duty Silicone Bar Service heavy-duty-silicone-bar-service-photo-02 Heavy Duty Silicone Bar Service

Brand: Top Shelf Bar Supply
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