Glasdon C-Thru 10Q Battery Recycling photo 01

Glasdon C-Thru 10Q Battery Recycling photo 01
The C-Thru 10Q Battery Recycle Bin provides a battery recycling solution to suit a variety of different locations and applications.
The recycling tube features a clear polycarbonate body which offers strength and longevity as well as helping to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Colorful and bright recycling decals are supplied with the unit to help encourage user participation.
The container also features a narrow funnel aperture to allow battery deposits whilst mitigating the risk that larger and unwanted items are dropped. The top and bottom handles provide the operator with ease of use whilst handling and emptying.

Design Features:
The 10 quart model will suit a variety of internal environments without taking up too much space
Duratec top and bottom handles for ease of emptying
Transparent, thick polycarbonate body displays contents without weakening the structure
Small funnel shaped aperture retains small items should it be knocked over and reduces cross-contamination with other waste streams
Cushioned rubber internal base protects the base and reduces noise by softening the landing
Screwed on removable top for ease of access