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Free Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Free Bathroom Remodeling IdeasWhere to Find Free Bathroom Design Ideas Designing your own bathroom isn’t as difficult as it sounds, it can save you a lot of money and it feels great to know you’ve created it.

Measure and draw your bathroom to the scale
The first thing to do is measure and draw your existing bathroom on a piece of checkered paper. Try to be as specific as possible as every inch can be calculated depending on what you want to achieve in your new bathroom and how much space you have available to use.

Measure the distance between opposite walls on both sides of the room in which case one room is wider than the other. Measure location and dimensions from floor to ceiling and windows, including window depths. Also measure the size, position, and shape of any irregularities in the room, such as pipes.

Draw your bathroom floor plan from above and plan each wall. When you’re done, you’ll have 5 drawings and a set of measurements. Be sure to take them with you wherever you go as you will have to use them often.

Forget about galleries and magazines
Magazines and galleries are trying to sell you something and they will try to show things in the most attractive way, which is not always available. may be the most realistic or practical way for you. You will of course use these resources, but leave them alone until you have a better idea of ​​what you want in your new bathroom design.

Using a digital camera
Bring a digital camera with you whenever you’re in bathroom design mode and use it to visually record everything you encounter. Write down the contents of each picture and store it neatly on your computer for later use. It’s a great design technique and most people don’t do it.

Visit of Your Friends

Most people are excited to talk about their bathroom, especially with a friend and especially if they recently remodeled their bathroom. Visit all your friends and start creating a folder full of ideas based on what they did in their bathroom.

Ask as many questions as possible to find out what their ideas are, how their ideas have changed, what they like about the bathroom and, importantly, what they don’t like about the room. Take notes of good things that you will understand when you read them later.

Most people have remodeled their bathroom in the past few years or know someone who has. If your friend knows someone with a new bathroom, ask if they can arrange for you to visit. The more you see, the better.

Look at some homes for sale.
Real estate agents in your area will arrange to show you the property for sale and if you tell them you are looking for a great bathroom they will try to find them for you.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this because you have no intention of buying a new property, I recommend trying to get over it. It’s a great way to brainstorm ideas for your own bathroom, and who knows what might happen once you start looking. You won’t be the first to do this kind of research and end up buying a new property, so don’t feel bad doing it.

Buy Magazine By now you are sure what you are looking for. Now is the time to find some good home remodeling and home improvement magazines to crystallize your ideas.

Visit  showrooms

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to visit the showrooms in your area to see what’s available and mix your ideas with new items. you can buy. Take notes and take lots of pictures with your digital camera of anything you find interesting.

Get home improvement and bathroom renovation brochures.
Always get as much brochures as possible when you visit showrooms. Circle the items that interest you and remember to write down your prices and thoughts at the time.

Internet Research
Finally, take advantage of the Internet to find specifications, contractors and product ideas on websites everywhere.

Have fun remodeling your bathroom.

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