DT Stainless Hanging Trash Garbage picture 03

DT Stainless Hanging Trash Garbage picture 03
1.Hanging trash bag holder Only need different size plastic bag from grocery store , Not fit for too big size bag or garbage too heavy
2.The garbage recycling tool can be foldable , save place when you don’t use
3.you can have it hanging over the door to the cabinet under the sink. Not only Kitchen, also can be set in outdoor barbecue , picnic. in bedroom or office table and so on
4.Makes cleanup after food prep a breeze, since if you don’t have a garbage disposal. it can also empty the coffee or any vegetable, fruit residual with water grounds right there without dripping across the floor to the main trash can. Just need a grocery bag, No matter what size can tie strongly
5.Make the Countertop clear , can sweep garbage to the bag directly. Make cooking simple happy!