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Classy Small Bedroom Makeovers for Urban Teenagers

Since urban area is less of raw land, many old buildings are restored and designed onto a studio house that suits the soul of young teenagers. Here, the most controversy part of remodeling a studio house for teenagers is on the bedroom design. Several interior designers suggest that Small Bedroom Makeovers is the most suitable concept to apply. Below, let’s follow the useful information about making the small bedroom to look classier.

Dealing with the small area of the bedroom, peach color or oxford color for the wall painting is suggested instead of colorful wall painting. Moreover, stand lamps are better installed on every edge of the room besides only applying ceiling lamp that is installed built in the ceiling pond. For the wall decoration itself, bookshelves or stuffs storages are better installed substituting the usual wall ornaments. With this kind of wall concept, interior must look so enormous.

After installing the mounting storages, the position of the bed platform is better under those storages because it can expand more spaces. By focusing the decoration of the wall design above the bed platform, other spaces will make the room wider. Moreover, the lighter color of the ceiling pond just complete the contrast color of each furnishing applied on the room. Furthermore, the huge wall mirror is installed against the bed location so that it expands more space unconsciously.

Since the bedroom decoration is intended for young teenagers in urban area, the way on How to Decorate Your Bedroom should be applied precisely. In addition, the color combination between the interior furnishing and interior wall should be well-combined so that the result will be optimized. To prevent the sunlight to go through the room, a rolled-up window shutter can be installed so that it can protect each furnishing on the bedroom.

Again, for the floor installation, wooden floor style can be applied because it embraces Zen atmosphere that makes the teenagers always feel better while entering the room. Moreover, the room seems so authentic because the wooden floor is also decorated with classy rug. Even the room is not too well-ornamented, a small paintings can be placed at the top of bed heading near the mounting storages. Indeed, the interior of room or urban teenagers must have classy design.

Sometimes, after finishing the installation of the interior for bedroom of young teenager, each part of the wall is repainted to contrast every area of the room. A wall sticker is also chosen instead of only letting the wall is undecorated because the color must so adorable. Furthermore, the wall lamps that are functioned as complementary light for the small bedroom can be functioned as sleeping lamp.

Indeed, to more expanding the space of small bedroom for young teenagers on a studio house, the wardrobe or closets can be placed in another room. Here, the bedroom is really intended for sleep instead of functioning it with other purposes. Therefore, the Bedroom Makeovers for Small Rooms for young teenagers as mentioned above must be so useful to apply your own blue print design.

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