Astonishing Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Ideas in Traditional Design

Imagine the refinish kitchen cabinets ideas that has traditional theme appear in your house. Murphy and Co. Design is ready to bring that idea into a reality. This idea of cooking area has black metallic chandelier installed above simple kitchen island which has glossy surface made from grey marble material.

This island is decorated by simple pink flower placed inside black vase. Across this island there are several refinished kitchen cabinets made from which wooden material and has black iron handle. These cabinet ideas are implemented below beautiful ceramic backsplash which has diamond patterns and made from ceramic tiles.

The flooring itself is made as traditional as possible to keep the theme of the room bold. Glossy wooden laminating is used as the base of this room that maintains the natural wood fiber.

In the next picture we can see one classic living space which has similar theme with the previous one.  This room is designed by the Hammer and Nail production. The theme that is used is classic white refinish wood kitchen cabinets.

This kitchen which is installed in one of New York loft has most of furnishings there made from natural wooden material. In the corner of the room there is sliding shelves in thin shape filled by several beverages next to the wall made from concrete and covered by brown wallpaper. In the middle part of this refinished cabinets arrangement there is three leveled cabinets below modern stove with black frame also white marble backsplash. Also there are some green glass ornaments in the corner of the simple vanity.

The third picture is Glenvale Kitchens that brought grey in the shaker theme. The main attention here is the sectional shelves installed in the corner of kitchen vanity decorated by twin silver handle made from stainless material. These cabinets has letter V shape and made from wood. Above these cabinets has black countertop made from marble.

There is silver pot near blue glass. The backsplash there is also using white small square tiles of ceramics. In the corner of this countertop there is soft brown glass holder contains two black glasses. Also green plants placed inside white clay pot. In front of this shelving system there is big kitchen island with dark glossy surface made from marble creating modern theme inside this kitchen.

The last picture shows cooking area designed by Kitchn Studio inside Leawood  with colorful theme. The brightest thing here is white based curtain covering small window which has pink salmon pattern. This curtain is facing three pendant lamps which is made from copper colored cover.

The kitchen island here has two cabinetries covered by silver stainless door next to white backless stools. In the corner of this space there is silver stainless cooker hood across simple shelf made from wooden material with small yellow flowers decoration.

Below the vanity in which the flower placed, several small cabinets with might suitable for limited space of kitchen. The painting kitchen cabinets there have simple base material but best quality indeed.

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